I am a professional software developer formally educated and trained at the University of Mississippi with a B.S in Computer and Information Science and a M.S. in Engineering Science with an emphasis in Computer and Information Science. The primary research focus of my graduate academic career concerned the study of Heterogeneous Computing Systems and the optimization of different algorithms and applications through the usage of such systems.

I have professional experience in the production of an Android mobile application and an AngularJS online application. I also have experience with REST services development in Java and front-end development in Angular 2+. Currently, I am full-stack software developer with Vanguard.

I am available for remote-based freelance software engineering projects, contractual work, and software/technology-related consultation.

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Email me at: blake (at) blakeadams.io

Contract and Consultancy Work

Contract and consultancy work allows me an opportunity to explore and exercise my technical skills and knowledge in the arena of business for the purpose of solving a problem that someone else has.

But the technical aspect is only one component of resolving a business's problem, other areas such as marketing, SEO, and traffic generation are just as (if not more) important in ensuring the success of a business.

You can see how the challenges presented when exploring these problems can be very interesting. So if you need a technical expert in your corner for your project or business or if you would like some direction on a problem then my services are available.

With that said, I won't fluff the complication of the problem or exaggerate the work involved for the purposes of accumulating more billable hours or quoting a larger project cost. If your situation can easily resolved using some WYSIWYG online service or a collection of WordPress plugins then I will be very transparent in communicating that direction to you.

However, if you still rather have someone handle that aspect of your business process regardless of the technical aptitude required, I'm available. If your problem requires a much more complicated and/or customized solution then even better!

If your problem necessitates a great deal of research and work within uncharted waters, I generally bill on an hourly basis. If I already have a solution that can satisfy your requirements available, I simply bill on an per-project contractual basis. If you need copy and media on your website, I can create or gather copy and media from sources provided by you. If I'm not able to accomplish some specific task for your project then I can definitely find someone who can.

Here is some of my recent work.

Max Hill - Your New Oxford Home


Max Hill needed help integrating an MLS IDX feed into his realtor website created through GoDaddy's website builder. Quickly, I informed him of the need to move his website to a WordPress solution which would allow me to utilize a popular IDX service's plugin to achieve this feature.

While corresponding with the developers of the service's plugins to add some needed functionality to the plugin for his requirements, I also created some local photography and videography media to use in combination with his supplied media in preparing his website for its eventual launch.

Once the website met all of his requirements, I created a short 'Quick Guide' showing him how to add/remove/modify content and listings from his website which allowed him the ease and full autonomy of controlling the details of his website without having to consult me.

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Art by Maria Hughes


Maria Hughes reached out to me to create an online portfolio and eCommerce shop for her artwork with a short deadline to launch. She provided a series of comparative websites that she wanted me to draw design and functionality inspiration from. Judging by her requirements and short deadline for the website, I chose to utilize Squarespace's business platform and one of their existing templates.

While designing the website, I created my own custom copy for the textual portions (giving her the option to replace it eventually if necessary) and perused her social media accounts for artwork that I could utilize in the graphical aspect of the design of her website. Toward the completion of the project, I provided a series of short video tutorials instructing her on how to add and modify the content on her website.

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My Professional and Academic Background


  • Software Developer
    The Vanguard Group
    March 2020 - Current
    • Acted as IT Security Liason for two software development teams.
    • Developed back-end Java webservices as well as front-end Angular UI functionality for new consumer advise products.
  • Software Developer
    University of Mississippi
    August 2015 - March 2020
    • Project architect and sole software developer of the online electronic assessment system titled DREAM.
    • Provided the back-end database schema and implementation consisting of ​151 ​tables, ​62 ​views, and ​27 ​stored  procedures/user defined functions.
    • Developed a comprehensive automated testing suite for aforementioned system using both unit and integration tests  programmed in ​Python ​with ​Selenium ​bindings.
    • Developed both the client-side and server-side functionality using ​JavaScript ​and ​PHP ​totaling over ​136,000 ​lines across  1153 ​files.
    • Developed the scripts responsible for the sanitization, migration, and restructuring of historical information from the  previous system to the newly developed system. 
    • Provided user documentation of the aforementioned system totaling to over ​307 ​pages demonstrating the functionality and  relevant instructions on how to navigate the system. 
    • Spoke and provided answers to technical questions regarding the system at the 2016 AACTE and 2016 NCATE conferences.
  • Web and Mobile Applications Developer
    Central Service Association
    November 2014 - August 2015
    • Developed an online ​AngularJS ​timesheet/payroll management application for utility companies that utilized ​WCF ​web  services and a ​MS-SQL ​database system. 
    • Developed an ​Android ​mobile application using the ​Java SDK​ for authenticated utility company customers to monitor usage,  costs, billing information, and simulate energy consumption


  • M.S. in Computer and Information Science
    2014 - University of Mississippi
    GPA: 3.9
    Thesis: Exploration into the Performance of the Implicit Asymmetric D-ary Heap on Simulated HSA-based Architecture
  • B.S. in Computer and Information Science
    2012 - University of Mississippi
    GPA: 3.74
    Senior Project: RebelFlow: Simulated Well-Pump Placement Online Application
    Honors/Organization: Cum Laude, ACM Student Organization President, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Computer Science), Gamma  Beta Phi, Pi Mu Epsilon (Mathematics)

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Blake Adams is a writer, software developer, technical consultant, and financial independence enthusiast living in Oxford, MS.

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