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A 2020 Update

03 September, 2020

After several months of absence, I share a not-so-short update on my life.


Welcome to Thirty.

07 October, 2019

After a month long sabbatical, I reflect on my most recent birthday.


Is there a perfect framework for goal setting and management?

22 July, 2019

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the multitude of personal development literature out there when evaluating your own life. I attempt to mesh together multiple systems and techniques to create a rough framework that can be adapted at handling progressive development at each scale and within each area of one's life in a very concise manner.


The Strangest Secret

03 July, 2019

Earl Nightingale discloses what he describes as the Strangest Secret in a 1950's era motivational recording. I briefly describe what I believe that makes his message so appealing and relevant even to this day. Maybe you'll find his message encouraging as a call-to-action to take a more active and intentional role in your life.


Personal Development Booknotes

Atomic Habits

19 August, 2019

Instead of focusing on goals, you should focus on building a system of small but effective habits (or repeated actions) based around the identity that you wish to adopt in the aims of continuously improving over your life. This book presents different strategies to help with behavior change in adopting these small habits while dispensing the potential negative habits that may be affecting your life in a negative manner.

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War of Art

12 June, 2019

The difference between the amateur and the professional is the professional's ability to face the active forces of Resistance and do his work regardless.

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Be Obsessed or Be Average

01 May, 2019

If you want to achieve anything in life, you will need to develop an obsession with your goals. You will need to exaggerate your goals. You will need to be persistent. Otherwise, you'll be average, and being average carries more risks than the alternative.

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So Good They Can't Ignore You

04 April, 2019

Don't look for passion to guide you toward a fulfilling life. Adopt a craftsman's mindset and use deliberate practice to develop career capital that you can leverage for a great job that gives creativity, impact, and control.

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The 4-Hour Workweek

22 March, 2019

Learn about becoming the new rich; people who are using automated and outsourced businesses, called muses, to finance their lifestyle design by minimizing time worked while maximizing income produced.

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The ONE Thing

31 January, 2019

By narrowing your focus and your actions upon the ONE Thing, your ONE purpose; you can achieve extraodinary results. This is another personal development book in the vein of goal setting, productivity, and life management. It seeks to dispel a lot of common personal development idioms as myths and help the reader remove competing distractions while hyper-focusing their actions and priorities upon well-defined but also extraordinary goals in the multiple areas of their lives.

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Blake Adams is a writer, software developer, technical consultant, and financial independence enthusiast living in Oxford, MS.

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