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Surviving Survivor-ship Bias

22 April, 2019

Discouraged by the reality of survivor-ship bias? I reflect on the concept as it relates to common success stories and attempt to find an approach to dealing with this real and often defeating mindset toward entrepreneurship.


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The $100 Startup

31 July, 2019

How to create a lean and efficient startup company with minimal startup costs and minimal employees by exploring the convergence of your interest and skills and an active market demand.

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Purple Cow

15 July, 2019

The old methods of mass marketing is no longer effective. The power of the TV-industrial complex has weakened significantly. The key to successful marketing is now creating a product or service that is remarkable enough to capture the attention of early adopters who are willing and capable of propagating it to the larger majority.

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The Million Dollar, One Person Business

26 June, 2019

Is it possible to bootstrap a million-dollar per year in revenue business on a minimal investment while remaining the only employee? Elaine attempts to provide a framework to accomplish such a feat while exploring multiple case studies of businesses that share the aforementioned characteristics.

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Start With Why

21 May, 2019

Behind every great business or person is a WHY that influences the HOW to that business or person's WHAT. If your WHY is vague or non-existent, everything else will suffer accordingly. Therefore, you should always start by establishing your WHY.

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Blake Adams is a writer, software developer, technical consultant, and financial independence enthusiast living in Oxford, MS.

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