An online electronic assessment system for the purpose of collecting assessment data regarding student teachers and counselors throughout their collegiate career. The system also electronically facilitates a large number of other institutional processes in an effective manner.

Personal Website

I wanted to update my older website that I had created in Spring of 2017. The older website was simply built from scratch using only PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. I decided to use the opportunity to learn the very popular ReactJS library. After exploring many different framework options, I settled on the popular static site generator framework built upon ReactJS and ES6, Gatsby. This website is my first introduction and experience working with React components and ES6 syntax, primarily arrow functions.


This was a litle pet personal project that I had spinning in my head, born out of my own personal interest in Personal Finance. I wanted to toy with the idea of a calculator of sorts that would allow you to define income streams, buckets, and other financial entities and you could simulate the timeline of changes and accummulation and make adjustments along the way. Since I hadn't worked with Angular since AngularJS, I used it as an opportunity to learn the new Typescript-based Angular framework.


Allow users to add restaurants, meals and also place recommendations for restaurants and meals. Also allow users to search for potential highly recommended restaurants and meals based on provided or current location information. Allow users to share their recommendations on social media platforms.


Blake Adams is a writer, software developer, technical consultant, and financial independence enthusiast living in Oxford, MS.

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