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DREAM Series: Deployment and Reflections

24 June, 2019

The conclusive chapter on the DREAM series which followed many of the design and implementation choices that I encountered and made during its long development. Finally, deployment was at-hand and the system would undergo the full load of interactions which would expose any blind spots that were sure to exist from such a large project developed by only one developer. Despite this, the deployment went incredibly well.


DREAM Series: The Miscellaneous Reports

20 June, 2019

Rounding out the reports functionality of the DREAM series are the reports that can be best categorized as the miscellaneous reports. This includes the Admission Documents Tracking report, the Enrollment Evaluation report, and the Placements Information report.


DREAM Series: The Integrity Reports

17 June, 2019

Other reports commonly found within the assessment system are those responsible for generating information about missing data that should be collected through the assessment system such as assessment instrument submissions, background checks, and insurance checks.


DREAM Series: The Statistics Reports

13 June, 2019

Many of the reports that needed to be carried over to the new assessment system could be described as the Statistical Reports. These reports are responsible for generating statistical information for many of the entities residing within the assessment system such as Clinical Instructors, Faculty, Enrollments, and even Disposition Infractions.


DREAM Series: Student Life Cycle Reports

06 June, 2019

One important functionality of the assessment system is the ability to generate statistical reports for students in each phase of their academic careers such as Admission, Enrollment, and Graduation.


DREAM Series: The Standards-Based Aggregate Reports

30 May, 2019

As I turn my attention back to the reports functionality of the assessment system, I develop what is called the Standards-Based Aggregate Reports, a close cousin of the Standard Instrument Aggregate Reports. However, this report can span multiple indicators across multiple instruments as long as they adhere to the chosen standards when generating the report.


DREAM Series: The Disposition Infraction Process

23 May, 2019

The design requirements call for the ability to facilitate the formal disposition infraction process within the new system. However, each program follows a different process so I need to generalize it enough so that a user can build their program-specific process within the system.


DREAM Series: Data Migration of Assessment Data, User Accounts, and More

17 May, 2019

The last steps in the migration process involve migrating the greatest amount of information, the assessment information. Once that information has been migrated over. It is time to finally migrate over the actual registered user accounts to this new system.


DREAM Series: Data Migration of Enrollment and Admission Data

10 May, 2019

The next step included migrating over the admission tracking system information, enrollment information, user roles and permissions, and lastly the enrollment application settings. All in preparation for the migration of the assessment data itself.


DREAM Series: Data Migration of Organization and Content Data

06 May, 2019

As development continued on the new system, I needed to migrate the information from the older system to the new system for both testing and the eventual deployment.


DREAM Series: The Standard Instrument Aggregate Reports

29 April, 2019

Once we have the assessment information present within the system from the multitude of Standard assessment instruments; we are ready to generate reports on this information. One type of these reports is the Standard Instrument Aggregate Reports.


DREAM Series: The Standard Instrument Wizard and Multi-Level Permissions

26 April, 2019

Given the varied structure and behavior of the standard assessment instruments. There would need to be a creative and involved way to create new standard instruments within the new assessment system.


DREAM Series: Representing the Standard Instrument structure in the database.

18 April, 2019

Generalizing the structure of the workhorse assessment instrument in the new system, the Standard Instrument.


DREAM Series: Access Permissions for Instruments

15 April, 2019

Accommodating the multitude of access properties for instrument access and submission in the form of a collection of individual rules that must be satisfied.


DREAM Series: Assessment data gathering through assorted instruments.

12 April, 2019

The most important functionality of an assessment system is the gathering of data for the purpose of assessment, this is the responsibility of the assessment instruments.


DREAM Series: User roles, system design, and access control management.

04 April, 2019

One of the key features of the system is the ability to grant and limit the interaction between users and different functionalities of the system. This required revisiting the overall design of the system and how user roles were handled.


DREAM Series: Generalizing the enrollment application process.

01 April, 2019

Student users submit an application for approval to generate their enrollments but each program has their own specific structure for this application? I determine the ideal way to generalize this process, allowing each program to create and change their enrollment application with the constant shifting requirements.


DREAM Series: Restructuring and managing enrollment information.

29 March, 2019

One important functionality of the assessment system is to capture assessment data attached to distinct enrollments or courses. Unfortunately, different programs treat the process of creating and managing these enrollments differently.


DREAM Series: Managing user accounts from within and content management.

25 March, 2019

Allowing administrative ability to govern user accounts and restructuring the content managed by the new system.


DREAM Series: Organization from a hard-coded solution to a data-driven customizable solution.

22 March, 2019

Separating the structure and content of the system from the code itself to allow for complete customization.


DREAM Series: The beginning of the design and development of a complete new system.

01 January, 2019

The beginning of a complete re-design and refactoring of a legacy LAMP system from the ground up.



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